COVID-19 Report: Workplace Vaccination Strategy

In our latest blog series, we take a closer look and examine 6 main issues that employers are still combating, even after a year of a global pandemic. We surveyed over 125 employers of all sizes about how they hope to meet with challenges posed by the pandemic. In the first of our six-part series we will be discussing COVID Testing and Vaccinations. Check out the full series .

Almost 50% of Americans are vaccinated and many companies are looking forward to returning to the office. Before they resume workplace operations, employers must be prepared and make sure their employees feel safe. However, surprisingly, only 17% are engaging directly with a testing partner.

Bringing workers back together after a global pandemic is no easy task. Healthcare authorities have been pushing vaccinations and routine testing to deter any variants. Though there is abundant concern around these issues, a large majority of respondents say they will neither provide testing services to employees nor have a policy that enables workers to get vaccines.

Though it seems that employers should take responsibility and protect their workforce, the solution is not quite that simple. If companies mandate vaccination or testing for their employees while it is not required by public health rules, it could cause employee backlash. Individuals may choose not to be vaccinated due to health conditions, personal beliefs, or other reasons. Conversely, companies that don’t require employees to provide proof of vaccination or negative tests run the risk of the virus spreading among employees. Because of this risk, there are now regulations in certain jurisdictions that require employers to determine and record the vaccination status of employees and to maintain records of who is vaccinated and who is not. Vaccination status may determine what health and safety protocols will need to be observed in the workplace and may have an influence on the activities in which personnel may participate. There is no easy answer on how to approach return to work. How are you handling the transition?

To find out more, download our COVID-19 Report HERE.

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