COVID-19 Report: Maximizing the Benefits Experience with Technology

In our latest blog series, we take a closer look and examine 6 main issues that employers are still combating, even after a year of a global pandemic. In the last of our six-part series we will be discussing technology adoption. Check out the full series HERE.

As technology takes over the Employee Benefits space, professionals are rapidly adapting to create seamless processes and improve the employee experience. Apps are being introduced to serve as benefits guides, and virtual care is quickly becoming the norm, even post-pandemic.

The traditional approach to Employee Benefits is quickly dying out and professionals are choosing to adopt technology to save them time and energy, all while increasing efficiency and accuracy. In our recent COVID-19 survey, we found that over 70% of respondents are already using technology stacks for benefits administration.

Since the pandemic, services like telehealth and virtual care have greatly increased in usage. About half of respondents utilize telehealth systems and a third have implemented employee engagement technology. We also found that about a third of respondents are planning for and considering technology for both telehealth and employee engagement.

Technology may seem intimidating on the surface, but there’s no doubt about the endless benefits it holds for the insurance industry.

Click HERE to access the full COVID-19 report.

Hannah Chi
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Hannah Chi

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As Newfront's Integrated Marketing Coordinator for Employee Benefits, Hannah supports the marketing team through developing and distributing best in class marketing and communication resources for Newfront and our clients.

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