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Understanding that Newfront is a hybrid of insurance, tech, and brilliant operators, we knew from the start, our approach needed to be uniquely tailored just for us. These industries have their own norm in terms of what diversity is, and it is our time to build what that means for Newfront.

Our statement is not just a statement, it is our commitment to continue these efforts and evolve them over time. Our D&I strategy is built on three main concepts:
education, culture, and process.

Our Strategy

Newfront’s Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity drives innovation.

At Newfront, we are building innovative technology to break down age old industry norms and crave diversity of thought, culture, and perspective. We treat each other with respect and celebrate our individual differences. We question dogma, even our own, which gives us the freedom to ask crucial questions and develop creative solutions. We take the time to respectfully listen to all perspectives, understanding the value each one brings. We make better decisions together.

Our clients are from a diverse set of backgrounds, and so are we. We’re dedicated to learning and embracing our unique backgrounds, experiences, and identities. We educate ourselves on diverse cultures, and develop cultural fluency, breaking down collaboration barriers and inspiring deeper innovation. The power of diverse perspectives amplifies the level of service we provide to our clients.

Inclusion empowers people

We nurture an inclusive culture where everyone is supported and encouraged to bring their whole, authentic selves to work. We acknowledge the power diversity brings to our business. We treat each other how we want to be treated. We are all owners of the business, we are partners, and we treat each other how we want to be treated.

Our goal is to create a safe and welcoming environment where we all feel inspired to do the best work of our careers, whether in the early years of our profession or perfecting our craft. We give each other the benefit of the doubt, and believe a kind, respectful communication approach is key to our success. Our growth mindset motivates us to continue learning and evolving.

Diversity and inclusion requires continuous action.

Newfront commits to ongoing diversity, inclusion, and cultural education for our entire team, establishing a Diversity and Inclusion Council within our team, and growing a more diverse workforce through intentional sourcing and hiring efforts. We look forward to welcoming underrepresented groups to our executive and broader teams. When we learn and grow together, we all thrive.

Diversity and Inclusion Strategy

This strategy was informed by research and represents an organized effort to make substantive change. Everyone has a role to play in this plan that we will evolve over time.

diversity and inclusion - Education


Diversity and Inclusion Education

We’ve hired a Black owned DEI consulting company to facilitate monthly educational workshops that are open to everyone on the team. These workshops are designed to build awareness of biases, increase cultural competency, improve communication and learn tactical skills.

Book Club

Newfront purchased anti racist books for anyone on the team who was interested in furthering their education. Although we’ve had a Book Club established for quite some time, we are shifting the focus of our book choices to anti racism, allyship, or anything else related to diversity, culture, belonging, or inclusion.

Speaker Series

As part of our continued efforts to educate our team on the fundamentals of D&I, we are hosting a series of D&I speakers to share their experiences with our team. We bring in these speakers to give a closer, more intimate look at what D&I looks like on a personal level.

Supporting our Black Community

We’ve added Juneteenth [aka Freedom Day] as a formal company holiday. On this day, we encourage team members to spend time reflecting on history, showing our support to the Black community, and deepening our education by reading articles, watching movies, or attending a Juneteenth community celebration. We also show our support through our continued actions which are always evolving.

diversity and inclusion - Culture


We aspire to support all communities in the future. The following actions are the initial steps in that direction.

Executive Commitment

Our executive leaders are committed to supporting D&I efforts by creating team specific contributions inspired by our strategy. We are all responsible for D&I at Newfront, and we can only be successful if we are all committed to making a difference. Our leaders and managers will give employees time and space to work on D&I efforts.

Supporting Our LGBTQ+ Community

We’ve created space for pronouns in our company signatures, and added additional gender options in our HR platform. We foster an inclusive culture by taking steps to make our LGBTQ+ clients and team members feel a sense of belonging. LGBTQ+ stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Questioning and “plus” represents other identities not specifically listed in this group. We encourage everyone to learn more about pronouns and their significance.

Diversity and Inclusion Council

We are forming an internal D&I Council made up of passionate employees, excited to increase awareness and promote creative initiatives to keep this dialogue open. This Council will partner with leaders and executives to continue raising awareness of D&I at Newfront by supporting ERGs, additional D&I education, partnering with diverse organizations or schools, reviewing communications, benefits and processes from a D&I lens, and continuing to uphold our D&I values by reviewing our strategy annually.

Employee Resource Groups

We have empowered our employees to start Employee Resource Groups [ERGs] at Newfront. ERGs are meant to build a community and give voice to underrepresented groups. ERGs at Newfront can be focused on creating connections in a safe space, aiding diverse hiring efforts, or building career development opportunities.

Civic Action

Newfront offers 2 days off per year to all employees to take civic action. Employees can use these days at their discretion, but can include attending protests, deepening education on issues and causes, volunteering with organizations, helping out with voter guides, etc. We encourage everyone to share experiences with the rest of the team to inspire action and increase awareness.

Our clients are from a diverse set of backgrounds, and so are we. We’re dedicated to learning and embracing our unique backgrounds, experiences, and identities.

diversity and inclusion - Process


Inclusive Meeting Practices

At Newfront we run effective and inclusive meetings where all voices are heard equally and everyone is able to make a meaningful contribution. We developed our effective and inclusive meeting standards through a cross collaborative process we called, “Project Collaboration.” Employees from across the org got together week after week to finalize just the right set of rules, guidelines, and tools to make these easy, applicable, and ready to be used as our new meeting standards.

Performance Reviews

We’ve added D&I to our performance model for employees and managers to keep seeking to improve in this area that is constantly evolving. We also continue to review promotions and compensation increases for biases, and seek services from third parties to review and provide recommendations.

Diverse Hiring Efforts

We believe diverse teams are more effective. Although our hiring efforts are currently limited and based on business needs, we are creating processes to ensure we are seeing a more diverse set of candidates in every role we open. We’ve shifted our mindset from seeking a “culture fit,” to a “culture add.” Our sourcing efforts are evolving to ensure we hear from a diverse set of candidates before moving forward.

Team Feedback

We’ve added questions related to D&I to our anonymous, monthly culture surveys to hear how employees, managers, and leaders are feeling about our efforts. Our executive team reads all comments from the survey before developing a plan of action.

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