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Meet Ram Khanna - Retirement Services Intern

“Bad News is that time flies, Good News is that you’re the pilot.” I can’t believe my internship is coming to an end. Joining ABD, I was not sure what to expect and was kind of nervous, but the enthusiasm and the eagerness shown by the entire team amazed me. Right from the start, the entire management welcomed us wholeheartedly and shared their abundant knowledge about this industry.

Working as a Retirement Services intern, I was introduced to a whole new sector where I was able to learn about 401k plans and risk management. Under my mentors, Cynthia and Kevin, I was able to explore and learn more about drafting investment reviews/adoption agreements while being exposed to the service side of the team. I also worked on streamlining and reducing the human efforts needed to calculate the risks of a 401k plan.

Coming into this internship, I had little to no idea about retirement services. Having a knack for numbers, I was excited to use this internship as an opportunity to explore areas where I could apply my knowledge. While exploring, I also wanted to make new connections with the leaders in the industry and learn what made them successful. I am happy to say that during my internship, I was able to meet my personal and professional goals. I absolutely love the ethos of ABD “Work Love Play” which gave me a deep understanding of how ABD works to develop the best practices involved in the industry and further contributes to the success of the entire organization. In addition, teams working collaboratively at such a large scale showed me the importance of teamwork and leadership in an organization such as ABD.

Ram Khanna

About the author

Ram Khanna

Ram Khanna is a member of Newfront's 2021 summer internship cohort, working with the Retirement Services team.

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