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Meet Nia Robinson - Property & Casualty, Business Operations Intern

Coming into this internship, my main goal was to absorb as much about the insurance industry as possible. Whether I was learning through hands-on experience or networking with successful people from different departments, I was excited to learn from everyone. Because I didn’t take the typical college route that most kids my age choose, I saw this internship as an opportunity for me to build connections and narrow down on a future career path. My internship was on the Business Operations team with Denise Metz, where I got an inside look at what her department handles on the day-to-day. I had the opportunity to be involved in the team’s weekly check-in meetings and was taught how to use and comprehend several online programs used throughout the company including PandaDoc, Indio, and AMS. Although my time with the company was only for the summer, my goal was to ensure the work that I completed for my department added a lot of value for my managers as it did for me.

My biggest takeaways from this internship thus far would be the exposure to different forms of technology and the growth I’ve seen in myself, specifically in public speaking. All the meetings and events I’ve had the pleasure of attending have really helped me come out of my shell and do things that typically would be out of my comfort zone as an introvert. Going forward, I’m still hoping to not only absorb as much knowledge as possible but also connect with more individuals across the company to learn more about their careers. One thing I’ve learned from many ABDers is the power of networking!

ABD and all the individuals involved in creating the internship role did a great job at pairing us with accomplished mentors who created agendas to ensure we gained the most out of our internship experience. This opportunity from ABD has forwarded my future career path immensely. Prior to the internship, I was seeking a deeper understanding of insurance and everyone I’ve met has taught me something new. This internship provided me with a new set of professional skills and industry knowledge I will keep with me and utilize forever.

Nia Robinson

About the author

Nia Robinson

Nia Robinson is a member of Newfront's 2021 summer internship cohort, working with the Property & Casualty - Business Operations team.

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