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Meet Jeff Du - Property & Casualty, OH&S Intern

Over the course of just a month, I’ve had a blast interning for ABD and the Occupational Health & Safety Group. Coming into the internship, I knew I had a general interest in finance and economics and valued the diversity of the insurance business in incorporating factors from each discipline. As such, I wanted to explore the multiple practices of ABD while simultaneously building my understanding of financial analysis and risk management. As I’m just a rising sophomore with three years of college left, I still have a long way to go in discovering what my professional future entails.

Through the first month, I’ve been able to participate in many of the OH&S’s functions, including analyzing client loss runs, reviewing X-mod projections/calculations, and producing data analysis reports for claim review meetings. I’ve explored the various roles and responsibilities of coordinators, analysts, consultants, and risk managers, working on a multitude of projects to support the team’s functionality. The field of workers’ compensation was entirely foreign to me coming into this internship, and it’s been fascinating to see how our clients, from startups to established Silicon Valley giants, deal with injuries on the job.

Along the way, I’ve been able to talk with, learn from, and have fun with my co-workers through ERG events, DISC training, and team bonding activities. I’ve met and networked with senior leaders across ABD’s various practices, and along the way, I’ve come to realize that everyone who works values the balance and livelihood of ABD’s collaborative culture, allowing us to thrive in a supportive and positive working environment. Everyone I’ve met has been extremely welcoming and supportive of the work I do, including ABD’s executive leaders. I thank ABD for not only allowing me to explore and refine my future career interests within finance and business, but for providing me with a truly memorable and fun six weeks of work, love, and play.

Jeff Du

About the author

Jeff Du

Jeff Du is a member of Newfront's 2021 summer internship cohort, working with the Property & Casualty - OH&S team.

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