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Meet Jasmine Davis - Property & Casualty, OH&S Intern

On the first day of my internship at ABD, I was graciously welcomed by everyone with lots of enthusiasm and eagerness to meet and get me on board with all their applications and equipment. That energy stayed throughout this internship as I attended various work meetings, special events, and fun activities. Working as a Property & Casualty intern on the Occupational Health & Safety (OH&S) team, I am learning a handful of information about its services and how workers’ compensation works. With that, I was able to do plenty of tasks either independently or within a group, with thorough instructions and swift accessibility to help. From the pleasant meetings, plentiful tasks, to informative lessons, I can undoubtedly say I had a great internship experience.

Before starting this internship, I was hoping I would get the opportunity to improve my hard skills, soft skills, and learn all about insurance. All these expectations were gladly met through the applications provided and the people that actively engaged with me. My time in college led me to believe that I understood Microsoft Excel, but with the time I have spent under the assistance of my department team, I can genuinely say that my knowledge of the application has improved greatly. As for insurance, I had little understanding about the field before, however, after engaging in the CIAB school courses, I was able to learn deeply about insurance alongside the ins and outs of the different services. Through these courses, my knowledge, awareness, and interest in insurance have skyrocketed as well as my eagerness to explore further into the field. With everything I learned, I was able to complete a variety of tasks and gladly contribute back to ABD.

My overall internship experience has been full of learning and improvement at an accelerated rate in such a short amount of time. I can comfortably use a variety of applications and recognize when I am in the presence of a supportive and growing environment such as this one. In the end, I can confidently apply everything I learned and accomplished at ABD to my own personal assignments and professional growth.

Jasmine Davis

About the author

Jasmine Davis

Jasmine Davis is a member of Newfront's 2021 summer internship cohort, working with the Property & Casualty - OH&S team.

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