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Meet Devon Cropper - Emerging Market Intern

In the span of my internship, I dove into the field of insurance like a fish-out-of-water. In fact, I was unaware that insurance brokerages even existed! I have been thrown into a giant web of connections, all related to insurance and benefits, and have been assigned a research project to investigate different benefit vendors that offer various health and financial services for employees in emerging companies. Under my supervisors Carrie Sambel, Angie Lopez, and Cathy Walker, my project allows the Emerging Market team to better understand up-and-coming vendors and new benefit trends. In addition to this, and with the help of the CIAB intern program, I am learning a lot about the insurance field and how to work in a professional setting.

When I sought out a summer internship a few months back, my goals were: 1) to make many connections and 2) to hone in on what it is I really want to do once I graduate college. I also wanted to take any opportunity to learn how to use computer software typically used in today’s workspaces. At ABD, I am achieving my goals and am thrilled to have more knowledge about new software, making connections, and experiencing what it is like to work in the insurance field at a brokerage. During my internship, I have collaborated with team members to successfully update the vast database full of different benefit vendors while creating and continuing positive relationships these vendors have with ABD.

Ultimately, what I’m learning during these six weeks will leave a huge impact on me. I know I will walk away from this experience grateful to have worked with such a supportive and communicative team. As an intern, there is only so much more for me to learn. With this experience under my tool belt, I can continue to navigate this industry and make a plethora of new connections as I progress throughout my career.

Devon Cropper

About the author

Devon Cropper


Devon Cropper is a member of Newfront's 2021 summer internship cohort, working with the Emerging Market team.

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