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BrokerTech Ventures Announces Four New Investment Partners

Des Moines, IA – BrokerTech Ventures, the industry’s first broker-led investor group and accelerator program, is pleased to announce the addition of four new investor partners, includingAssurance,Graham Company,InterWest Insurance Services, andHylant Insurance.

These new investor partners join the current owners —Holmes Murphy,M3 Insurance,PayneWest Insurance,ABD Insurance & Financial Services, andConner Strong & Buckelew. The nine privately held, like-minded agencies combined represent more than billion in annual revenues.

“With the addition of these four agency partners, the BrokerTech Ventures network now spans the country, allowing us to be the first to stake our position in cultivating, curating, and fostering innovation for brokers,” saidDan Keough, Holmes Murphy chairman and CEOand BrokerTech Ventures co-founder. “These BrokerTech Ventures partners are agency leaders with a commitment to innovation and thought leadership, and we’re excited to have their cutting-edge ideas at the table.”

BrokerTech Ventures’ highly intentional accelerator curriculum will include a veteran mentoring network, seed funding for a portion of the chosen startups’ research and testing, and a distribution platform to deploy the technologies. Additionally, the agency partners will play an integral role in the mentoring components of the accelerator and also gain access to early engagement with our selected startup entrepreneurs.

“With these recent developments, we are celebrating the fact that we can move farther and faster down the innovation curve,” saidMike Victorson, M3 Insurance president and CEOand BrokerTech Ventures co-founder.

The window for startup companies to apply for a spot in the first BrokerTech Ventures cohort will open in late October of this year, with program launch planned for February 2020. A targeted, executive search is in progress for the organization’s first managing director.

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About BrokerTech Ventures

Based in the insurance nucleus of Des Moines, Iowa, BrokerTech Ventures is the first broker-led investor group and accelerator program focused on delivering innovation to the insurance agent-broker industry. Founded in 2019, BrokerTech Ventures provides a venue for the best minds in insurance and technology to collaborate and bring to market leading-edge ideas and solutions. BrokerTech Ventures invests in the research and testing for each of the chosen startups, provides access to veteran industry mentors, and helps scale the technology to market through broker distribution channels.Learn more at or follow us on Twitter (@BrokerTechVen) or LinkedIn.


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