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How ABD Gives Back With Family

ABDers are passionate about giving back to the community. Through our annual golf tournament, we’ve raised over 50k for the American Cancer Society and 85% of our team members volunteer for or support financially over 125 organizations.

This week, two of ABD’s senior executives share how they give back with their families. And, because they’re super passionate, they’ve each shared photos from their respective events!


John Haskell
EVP, Executive Risk Solutions Practice Leader

“My wife, Vicki and I have a 29-year-old son, Andrew, who was diagnosed with Type-1 diabetes at age 9. We’ve been active volunteers with the local JDRF Greater Northwest chapter for many years and had fun volunteering this past weekend at the 26 annual Gingerbread Village hosted by the Sheraton Hotel.

Sheraton pastry chefs team up with local architect firms to compete in the design and construction of elaborate gingerbread “houses”, which are then displayed in the hotel – this year’s theme is Welcome to Whoville. Visiting this display has become a Holiday tradition for many in Seattle and JDRF is the lucky recipient of all donated proceeds.

This is one of several events benefitting our JDRF chapter, which raises in excess of M a year to help fund research into the treatment, prevention and cure of Type-1 diabetes.”


Jane Paolucci
Senior Vice President of Marketing

As we navigate the busy holiday, it is important to me and my family to take a step back and realize what is most important in this season of giving.

And to that end, my daughter, sons and I proudly participated in our ‘weekend of giving’ where we supported different local organizations focused on bringing the holiday spirit to those who may need a little extra cheer.

We gave back this December by helping The Presidio Trust host 1200+ family members with a holiday tree lighting party, lantern walk, caroling and treats; teaching soccer and team work to children at risk; cleaning up the parks and recycling greens to make wreaths to be shared; and visiting the elderly. I am so pleased with the many hours we spent (outside of the shops and parties…and avoided as best we could Santa Con chaos!) providing meaningful impact on our community and teaching the true meaning of Christmas to my children.

It is also a time to reflect on the work ABDers have accomplished and the difference we’ve made to our communities this year. Supporting over a 125 organizations and donating thousands of dollars to those in need, I appreciate being part of an organization where we share our passions and interests with our colleagues.”

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The ABD Team

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