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How ABD Gives Back to Small Businesses, Charities, and Toy Drives

ABD Gives Back!

ABDers are passionate about giving back to the community. Through our annual golf tournament, we’ve raised over 50k for the American Cancer Society and 85% of our team members volunteer for or support financially over 125 organizations.

During the month of December, we’ll spotlight team members and how they give back during the holidays. Maybe we’ll even initiate some new traditions for your family!

Mary Mark

Executive Risk Solutions

“For the last six years, my now 17-year-old daughter and I have participated with the National Charity League to volunteer with other mothers and daughters to support a variety of philanthropies including back to school drives, providing dinner at a local women’s shelter, and assisting with race and meet activities for the Special Olympics of Washington.

We have even sparked a giving interest in my 15-year-old son who just recently joined the National League of Young Men and began his philanthropy efforts collecting groceries for Youth and Family Services and selling programs (proceeds of which benefit Outdoors for All) at a recent Seahawks game!

Honestly, I love giving back to our community and couldn’t be happier that my kids see it as a reward and love doing as well. I consider it a mom-win!”


Amy Kelemen

Director of Professional Services

“My give back starts out with a funny story. Years ago, a bunch of girlfriends and I were shopping in our small town. Someone found a bin of small inspirational rocks marked down to just due to a typo – they read ‘blassings’ rather than ‘blessings’. We had such a fun day that day we decided to make our shop local day an annual event and duly named it the ‘Fairfax Count Your Blassings Boutique Crawl’.

There are so many wonderful shops in our town run by independent business owners who live locally.  We support them and our community by making a conscious effort to purchase gifts in town rather than at the mall or online.”


Shaneé Malone

Marketing Director

ABD Corporate Marketing

“I have a three-year-old who we’re working on sustainability with, while also starting to teach wants vs. needs.

This year, we’ve saved paper grocery bags and pressed them. She has started to paint, draw, and place stickers on them to use as wrapping paper for holiday gift giving! She loves knowing she has her very own wrapping paper and grandparents love getting anything handmade! On Christmas day, once gifts are open, she’ll pick three gifts to deliver to our local fire department – gifts that firefighters can provide to children in emergency situations. This is our first year doing this, but I’m hoping it’ll spark her inner drive to give back while she’s young!”


The ABD Team

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The ABD Team

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